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Quality Management Program

As our underlying commitment to quality & environment protection, SPSL works on streamlined processes and principles. SPSL is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14000:2004 certified company. Stringent quality measures & processes are implemented at each stage right from the procurement of raw material till the final despatch of the finished goods.

Throughout all these stages of our service process, International Standard and Quality have been implemented. In order to meet customers’ requirements, we carry out the following quality checks at different stages of production in accordance with Total Quality & Safety Management Program:

Our raw material is lead ingots, which are commercially available in the market. The material is procured from reliable and CPCB registered vendors who have been thoroughly audited technically & commercially by our team. The inward material is tested for undesirable impurities through spectrometer. We have in-house optical emission spectrometer of “SPECTROLAB” make Model LAB M-10. Further, we use BOC supplied high purity (99.999 %) argon gas.

The in-process material or WIP is Pure Lead Balls, which will be used for making lead sub oxides. Pure Lead balls are tested for purity level. The accepted purity level is in the range of 99.97% to 99.99% through spectrometer as detailed above.

The final products are Lead Alloy such as lead antimony, lead selenium and lead Calcium (as desired Specs of client), Pure Lead (in the form of ingots) and Lead Sub Oxide (LSO powder). Pure lead testing is same as mentioned above. Lead Alloys of different specs are tested for composition through spectrometer. We use standard reference sample supplied by MBH, UK for cross reference of analytical result. However, temperature is continuously monitored during alloy & LSO manufacturing process. LSO is tested for the following main quality parameters trough physico – Chemical analysis such as Free Lead, Lead mono oxide, water absorption, Acid absorption, Retention on 240 & 325 mesh, Apparent Density (AD) using Scott Volumeter.