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Orange or Red Lead Oxide
Red Lead (Pb304 or 2PbO, PbO2) is soft orange and red coloured powder. It is an essential ingredient in the storage batteries. It occupies an important place in the Glass & Ceramic industry and is used in the Paint Industry for its rust inhibiting character.


Appearance Reddish Orange
Total Oxides of Lead (% min) 99.5
Pb304 (% min ) 95.44
PbO2 equivalent (% min) 33.3
Apparent density (Scott density) g/ml 1.2 - 1.7
Residue on 300 mesh (% max) 1
Volatile matter (% max) 0.05
Matter soluble in water (% max) 0.5
Water Absorption (mg/g) 105 – 125
Acid Absorption (mg/g) 140 – 170