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Mechanical Safety Program

Fire Safety
In order to take effective safety measures against fire hazards in the production / plant area, following steps have been taken :

  1. Under ground water tank of 1,00,000 liters and overhead tanks of 10,000 liters have been provided in the plant area.

  2. Water tanks are connected with 20 hp main pump & 7.5 hp jockey pump and all the pumps are connected with main power & DG set.

  3. Way fire brigade outlet is provided.

  4. 3 nos. weather proof hose box have been provided

  5. 16 nos. ABC type fire extinguishers of 5 kg capacity (ISI Marked) have been provided.

  6. 4 nos. CO2 type fire extinguishers of 4.5 kg capacity (ISI Marked) have been provided.

  7. Sand buckets have been provided at critical locations such as DG Set & Transformer area

Electrical & Thermal Safety

  1. All the electrical appliance and motors haven connected with appropriate earthing to avoid any electrical shock hazards

  2. Wiring has been done with ISI marked cables/wires

  3. All motors have starters with shock proof switches & buttons

  4. Emergency lightings have been provided in all working areas though UPS/Inverter

  5. Street light have been provide to illuminate the entire street/internal roads

  6. Workers are provided with heat/shock resistant hand gloves

  7. Appropriate safety signage have been provided at critical locations for creating awareness among workers

Mechanical Safety

  1. All the machines have been installed at strong foundations to avoid vibrations

  2. All moving parts in machines have been covered with safety guards

  3. Workers have been provided with Protective equipment such as industrial safety shoes, mask & helmets

  4. Appropriate safety signages have been provided at critical locations for creating awareness among workers

  5. The motor pulley & belts have been provided with safety guards

  6. Raised platform are provided with hand rails

  7. The platform is provided with anti-skid checkered plates